Hi there, fellow adventure seekers! It’s “Unsure Traveller” here, but you can also call me Dani.

Welcome to my unsure travel adventures on a budget. On this blog, you will find a variety of posts about topics close to my heart and experience. Most of them are about solo travelling, how to deal with anxiety and overthinking, how to travel on a budget and what I do to keep my mind from stopping me. This is a safe space for you to feel understood, not alone and know that you are capable of doing anything you want to.

I’ve been setting apart this project for too long but it’s now time to believe more in myself and what I can do. So, thank you for stopping by and for reading about my experiences!

You can wander around this blog and get to know me or, hopefully, get inspired to step out of your comfort zone.

A beach in Rarotonga, Cook Island

Travelling and moving around might require some gut, but, you can do that. If I’ll be able to encourage you in getting out of what’s holding you back or make you wander around with my words, then I can consider myself proud. 

People travel for many different reasons. Expanding my horizon, challenging my anxiety, meeting people to learn from, experiencing cultures that make me question my point of view and feeling breathless in front of a beautiful landscape are some of mine. Surely, there are more reasons out there and I’m ready to find them along with trying to find myself. 

I wish you a wonderful read and a beautiful day or night. 

Thank you, Unsure Traveller.

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My adventure’s subtitle is “Travelling vs Anxiety” because I’m an expert over-thinker and anxiety really likes me. It travels with me wherever I go to and it never asks for permission! 

Honestly, during my travels, I often tend to experience moments where my anxiety overtakes me and make me feel like I’m not strong enough and that I’m just fooling myself and others. If you deal with anxiety, you know that it can feel overwhelming and tough.

It can stop us from doing things we love or want to try because it sticks in our mind and freezes our body. It’s hard to describe it and not sound crazy to others. There’s the tendency to alienating ourselves or keeping all our emotions and feelings inside, so we can deal with it later. At least, that’s based on my experience.

Travelling can be a great cure to anxiety and, don’t get me wrong, it has helped me learn more about myself, grow as a human being and get out of many comfort zones but, at other times, it has also made my anxiety increase way too much.


I keep travelling and exploring the beauties of Mother Nature. I keep pushing myself and dealing with the challenges that are out there waiting for me. My goal is not to fight anxiety and trying to get rid of it. Actually, it’s the opposite. I want to learn from it, get to know why it’s there and accept it. Anxiety is part of me and it has contributed to shaping the person I am today.

  • Unsure Traveller goes to Taranaki,North Island, New Zealand

If you can relate to what you just read, trust me when I say that I understand you and you are definitely not alone. There are millions of people out there who face this exact same struggles. I, also, want you to know that you can do anything you want to.

You can achieve your goals and dreams. If you wish to travel the world, but feel like you can’t do it because of anxiety, I want to assure you that you can do it. And that’s why this website exists.

I won’t just be talking about my adventures and trips but, also, about my most challenging moments while travelling, mental health and anxiety. Too often these topics are considered a taboo or something to be ashamed of and that’s not right.

Hopefully, my posts will make you travel with your eyes and mind, give you confidence and strength or just help you take a break from the full-on world we all live in. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram for more daily content and conversations!

Lots of love,

Unsure Traveller.