New rules are in place for visiting Italy and they are good!

Positive news for tourists that are looking at visiting Italy from the 1st of March! The Italian Health Minister has signed a new set of rules that will apply to foreigners coming from non-EU countries.

For quite some time now, tourists looking at visiting Italy for a holiday had to follow different rules according to the country they were coming from and transiting through. Based on what list those countries were in (A, B, C, D, E), people might have had to take a simple test or had proven reasons for coming into the country.

Finally, all of this has changed! The lists do not exist anymore and the same rules that apply to people coming from within the EU will also apply to foreigners coming from non-EU countries. This also means that the testing requirement will only apply to unvaccinated people or people who got vaccinated with an unrecognised by EMA.

From the 1st of March, the only requirement to enter Italy will be one of these three:

  • Vaccine certificate 
  • Certificate of recovery from COVID
  • Negative test result

This is great news not only for the tourism industry but for anyone who wants to visit the beauty of Rome or relax on the beaches of Salento as well as try to get back to a new reality. 

How do you feel about this new ease of restrictions? Will you start planning a holiday in Italy?

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