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Life is unexpected and that’s beautiful

Life is full of surprises and very unpredictable. This might sound like a big cliche, but it is pretty true. At least based on my experiences. No matter how much you try to plan your moves, life will find a way to surprises you!

I’m not sure why this post is coming to life. It’s mostly inspired by this picture I shared on Instagram a few days ago. 

I took this shot while in Sydney visiting one of my best friends. The weather was perfect so we spent most of the days on the beach, walking or watching some questionable tv shows. A very well needed break! After countless and countless hours spent on building websites, my mind and body were totally off. This freelance lifestyle is looking good, but I think I immersed myself way too much and too quickly. 

Everything was going perfectly and beautifully. Spending a few days in Sydney and on the beach really regenerated me. No matter what kind of mood I am in, this city knows how to heal me. 

My post How Australia changed my life talks about my love and relationship with Sydney and Australia if you you want to learn more about it.

Anyway, let’s get to what happened that inspired me to write this post!

The day before leaving Sydney to go back to the Blue Mountains, we decided to see the sunrise from the beach. Waking up at 5am wasn’t really exciting us, but I knew it was going to be worth it. 

Sunset is something I always love to see and admire. Sunrise, on the other end, it feels less easy to see. For sure, it’s not really that more challenging. It’s mostly a mindset situation and getting enough sleep the night before. However, I want to try and commit to seeing it more often!

At times, waking up early can actually help you achieve more and feel better. This is what often happens to me when I wake up early. But my mind likes to make it look like an impossible task so I rarely do it. 

If you are an experienced early bird, please share your secrets. 😀

The beautiful magic of the sunrise

The day comes and we both drag ourselves out of the house to go to the beach. The scene around us felt beautiful and magical. The weather was warm, the ocean quiet yet moving, the birds were singing and a pink/orange light was colouring the horizon. We sit on the rocks as if we were in adoration. 

Our eyes were glued to the horizon. Our nose was breathing the fresh oxygen mixed with the ocean fragrance. The sound of the waves and the birds around us were pleasing our ears. And, finally, a sense of deep peace, calm, gratitude and appreciation was filling up our soul. 

After a few moments, the magic happened. A ball of fire started to rise and the sky absorbed its colours, light and energy. Shades of pink, orange and yellow took over the blue and grey from the night. The ocean was also becoming orange and more bright. In my mind, the song of The Lion King was going on and on in a loop. 

You could feel your body getting warm and energised by the sunshine. My love and gratitude for Mother Nature and the whole situation were also increasing. A new day was begging and I was witnessing it. It felt like everything had stopped. Worries, problems or thoughts were on hold in order to admire this magic.

The unplanned repetition of a life event

So, why did I want to write about this event? Yes, it was beautiful and majestic, but that’s not all. The funny thing is that 2 years ago, on the same date and place, this exact event happened! In 2018, my friend and I woke up early to see the sunrise over the ocean. However, that day was less light and happy than this one. 

It was my last day before leaving Australia indefinitely. The day I closed a big, important and amazing chapter of my life to start a new and unknown one. Even the weather reflected what was going on in my soul. It was very cloudy, cold and rainy. The ocean was going crazy and you could barely see the sun rising.

When I found it out, it was so hard and amazing to believe! There I was, 2 years later, back in Australia, doing the same experience at the same time but living it very differently. After having spent a few months in Asia, Christmas with my family, a full year backpacking New Zealand and during a world pandemic, I was back here. Back to a place I cried when leaving it. A place I often consider as being my comfort zone.

Two years later, though, the whole situation and feelings were very different. The weather was the total opposite. It kinda seems like that it was reflecting how I was feeling inside in both situations. This time, I was feeling happy, grateful and at peace. My soul was filled with lots of new experiences and beautiful people. The sun was rising and there was nothing covering it. And a new and bright day began.

Life is unexpected and that is beautiful

This experience really left me speechless but also gave me a lot to think about. Dealing with the unknown can be very challenging for many people. Especially if you have a mind that’s constantly worrying, overthinking and making up stories that might or not happen. Two years ago I had no clues about what chapter I was going to write. 

My mind made me stress over it and cry for it for a lot of time. I was leaving a place I knew and that felt safe for many unsure ones. And the weather was reflecting that state of mind and soul.

But, then, two years later I was living the same event but in a different way. Those unsure places created some of my most memorable experiences. And looking back at them, I feel grateful that they are stored in my soul. And the weather reflected these feelings by gifting me a one of kind sunrise. 

Life is truly an unpredictable, beautiful and unique gift. You never know what it has prepared for you. Stay open to its unknowns and embrace the gifts it donates you. What might feel like challenging and heavy to deal with might unfold something unexpectedly good.

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