Picture of a fish while doing snorkeling in Rarotonga

Best 3 places to do snorkeling in Rarotonga

Rarotonga was the first place where I actually did some fun and serious snorkeling. The reef that surrounds the island is full of vibrant, colourful and interesting creatures to admire and respect.

There are a lot of places where you can explore the underwater world, but some of them might be riskier than others. While researching where to go, I asked some locals for suggestions and these three areas were their and my favourite ones.

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Best Rarotonga snorkeling spots

Aroa Beach: this is the first place I did snorkeling at because it was very close to my hostel. The water is clear and often calm, it’s not usually busy and, if you are into it, there’s a diving centre across the road where you can go on tours or rent equipment. 

Tikioki beach: this is my favourite place for exploring what’s under the water. Here, there is the biggest variety of fish and corals and, because they are spread out, you can keep exploring and find totally new creatures. You can find it right across a place called Fruits of Rarotonga and, if you take the bus, the driver will stop directly in front of it.

Muri Beach: among tourists, this is definitely the most popular spot for either sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, nightlife or markets. I enjoyed it but, unfortunately, the weather and the ocean weren’t very clear when I was there.

It’s definitely worth checking it out! Also, I found the seabed to be a bit different than the other two spots. 

Also, a lot of the snorkeling, turtle spotting and diving tours start from here.


Snorkeling in Rarotonga is definitely a must-do and it won’t disappoint you! The marine life is beautiful and precious so be sure to respect it. Avoid touching the coral or the fish and keep a safe distance between you and them. 

If you don’t have snorkelling gear, you can rent it from your accommodation or scuba shops in the area. 

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Best 3 snorkelling spots in Rarotonga

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